The farm adjoining the house is a fully operating farm with all kinds of animals: goats, sheep, donkeys, dogs, cats, hens, and part time, Mr Crapaud (Mr Toad) who returns every year and takes residence here.


If you visit the farm during the animal meal times, you may be lucky to see wild boars. They often come to share the goat's meal.


A small production of goat cheese and sheeps cheese is our main activity. The animals graze freely around the farm and we make all our cheese here on site from the milk.

All the aromas and scents of the seasonal flowers and wild plants can be found in our cheeses.

​You are welcome to come and see the animals at milking time in the morning and visit our cheese dairy. You will be able to taste our lactic goat cheeses, the Tomes, the fromage frais and the milk yogurt.

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